Livestream Commerce: Is a hot trend !

Companies and brands have started focusing more on the engagement of clients than selling. Being consumers the primary focus, the plans are set to innovate satisfaction and newness for them.

The value of live streaming is increasing each day as the sellers, companies, and brands get to know how they move towards becoming known in the market each day. It is expected that by 2025, the global market share of Live commerce will increase by multiple times with the technologies being adopted by brands and sellers.

Raise your hand if you love shopping!

OK, OK, maybe not everyone is a shopaholic, but most people enjoy buying things at least once in a while.

For many customers out there shopping is not just a chore or necessity, it’s a way of life. And they are the ones who move the eCommerce industry forward and who demand it constantly evolve. They thrive in the digital world where there’s an ocean of purchasing opportunities made accessible and affordable, and they want more. In return, online stores embrace the advancement of technology and are always on the watch for new ways to make sales happen. This consumer-provider cycle has brought a new hot trend to the marketplace – Livestream shopping. And people can’t seem to get enough of it.

Live streaming masters at creating engagement and so it manages to draft one for the e-commerce industry as well. As e-commerce dwells some of its part with live commerce it makes a huge area for the customers designing products with the mindset of the client. This has helped brands to create a strong client base for their companies. It helps brands to retent viewers for long to their streams, creating a lasting impression.

Lifestream shopping can be an affordable way to quickly give your sales a boost, build brand awareness and find new customers. It’s a fun and entertaining way for people to get to know your products and your business, and become involved with what you do.

Also, it can be viewed as a digital read of a proven selling approach of the past – teleshopping channels, and we know how big that trend was in the ‘90s.

The difference now is that the core audience of eCommerce live selling is the younger generation, a.k.a. the Gen Z, who are known for their big pockets and the habit of breaking the bank on any occasion. Of course, other generations are not immune to the temptation as well.

Live shopping might not be anything new under the sun, but its digital version – Livestream shopping, is the hottest trend in eCommerce right now. And, from what we’ve seen, it’s here to stay.

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