What is Image SEO?

A website has different components. Some of them are visible to users and some are not. Out of which images play a vital role. Today, about 38% of Google’s SERPs show images, and that’s mostly going to increase. Here plays Image SEO, the most important role.

Images are major components of a website. A striking image with relevant content indulges the user to dig into the website. Visible and invisible parameters play an important role in image optimization. In e-commerce mainly, the quality and design of images have an influence on the purchasing behavior of customers. Image SEO is the process of optimizing the images on your website, so they are easy for search engines to “read” and “find”.

Image SEO is important in order to improve user experiences, visibility, and rankings of your content in Google. Along with the text, images are also major visible components of a website. Image SEO has various elements like image type, size, load time, usage, alt text which must be optimized, and keywords in image file names.

Importance of Image SEO

Poor SEO can lead to various issues like losing to gain links, losing organic traffic, large and unoptimized images will slow down your website. The right image can help a user better understand and engage with the content. The images should communicate the story that you are trying to tell, because optimizing the images should be part of SEO strategy.


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