Reasons Why An HTML Sitemap Is Still A Must-Have

HTML sitemaps ostensibly serve website visitors. The sitemaps include every page on the website – from the main pages to lower-level pages and can be thought of as a well-organized table of content.

An HTML sitemap is just a clickable list of pages on a website. In its rawest form, it can be an unordered list of every page on a site – but don’t do that.

This is a great opportunity to create some order out of chaos, so it’s worth making the effort.

Why You Should Leverage HTML Sitemaps

While you may already use an XML sitemap – and some insist that an HTML sitemap is no longer necessary – here are seven reasons to add (or keep) an updated HTML sitemap.

1. Organize Large Websites

2. Serve As A Project Manager & Architect

3. Highlight The Website’s Purpose

4. Speed The Work Of Search Engine Crawlers

5. Increase Search Engine Visibility

SEO HTML Sitemap

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