Your font isn’t supported?

When people read text, their reading pattern is affected by three things: fixation, saccade, and the scan path. Fixation refers to the points in the text where the human eye rests and focuses, and saccade is the jump between fixations in a line. Scan path is the path that your eyes take to read the entire chunk of content in the email.

This is why fonts play a huge role in making content readable. Sometimes, marketers end up using an unsupported font (such as a custom brand font) that renders imperfectly in a recipient’s inbox. Custom fonts differ from email fonts, which is why certain email clients can’t always render them properly.

How to avoid this: Use a special category of fonts called web-safe fonts. Marketers use these predominantly since they render perfectly in all email clients. Clients like Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook also have fallback fonts when certain fonts are unsupported. Web-safe ones include Arial, Roboto, Helvetica and Calibri. You can also style email CSS with licensed web fonts from various sources.

Your efforts to use a unique font become moot when all your readers see the fallback anyway. Play around with fonts using a calculated approach!

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